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Sweaty Gym Hair?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Have you ever put your all into a sweaty gym session and now have to be seen in public and think to yourself, "now what do I do with my hair?'"

Athleisure attire has been taken to a whole new level the last couple years making it easy to go from gym to whatever you want to do after and still look cute. But what about your hair? We cover 4 tips to going from gym to work or drinks with the girls with ease.

Dry shampoo BEFORE your workout

Soak up that sweat before you get into it. Note: If you try to use dry shampoo after your sweaty sesh you will create a nasty cakey look that just isn't attractive. Bonus of dry shampoo... it helps your hair smell fresh too.

Put your hair in a casual bun or braid

This is duel purpose. A braid or bun is a great option while you work out and can be touched up post workout to still look super cute to go out after. Add in a cute scrunchie or clip for your after workout style.

Wear a headband during your workout

For those HIIT workouts where you'r moving quickly and sweating the most, the last thing you want is for your hair to be all in your face soaking up that forehead sweat. Hold it back with a cute headband and pair it with a high pony.

Blast it quickly with a blow drier

Dampen the super sweaty areas and hit it with a quick blast of the blow dryer. This will help the hair to not dry clumped together and looking greasy.


Here's the top styles to help you look cute and focus on the workout instead of focusing on what your hair is doing.

  • Try a high pony. P.S. if you have little pieces around your face, pair it with a headband.

  • Maybe try a low pony. If you want to wear your hair down after your workout, there's less chance of creasing with a low pony

  • Hate hair on your neck? Try a topknot.

  • Not planning on sweating to much? Then a half-up topknot might be just the right fit.

  • And finally the full monty...the braid. You can do a side braid, ponytail braid, or even braid it and pull it back into a bun. This will keep your hair contained the most, and bonus...when you take it down you get a nice wave to rock after.

Pro Tip: Plan your workouts based on your wash cycle. Wash day = Sweat day!

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