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2022 Hair Cut Trends

Are you looking to find out what the latest trends are when it comes to cuts?

With styles ever evolving, something come and go, and something make a come back. Read on to see which trends will be making a comeback in 2022.

With DIY hair cuts and colour being all the rage for 2020/2021, understandably, it's time to step into a new you for 2022. This year we will be seeing bold transformations when it comes to our cuts, stepping away from the old, familiar ways into something exciting. Moving away from at home movie night to a night on the town.

Check out these styles to see what will be dominating your social feed this year.


Hair Trend #1

Think 90's Supermodel layers

Long soft layers, and classic shapes. These layers are great on longer hair to create more movement in the hair, without making it look straggly on the ends. This look is typically great on all face shapes.

But wait, other layers, like the mid-length layer will also be dominating. This is great for someone who wants texture but doesn't want to loose the length.

Photo Credit: @southernliving

Hair Trend #2

Long hair, barely there layers.

Think Cher hair, long straight hair with barely a layer at the end. Just enough to add texture at the ends while leaving lots of fullness. This is great for ones with thick long hair, or um... extension queens.

Photo credit: @losangelastimes

Hair Trend #3

All about the bobs.

Photo credit: @shorthaircutsmodels

Going from long to short! A huge trend for 2022 is the bob.

Now there are definitely a few different variations of the look but you will be seeing these all over the place this year. We are talking blunt bobs, the lob (long bob), micro bobs, French bobs, the brixie. Bobs of all kinds.

So what's the difference?

Blunt bobs are just how the sounds, but these bobs are cut in a way to remove bulk and create a soft movement within the bob. This look is great for most face shapes and textures.

Lobs have been around for a bit now. Its a great way for ones unsure if they want to fully commit to the bob life to test out the road. This is such a flattering length for so many people.

Micro bobs. Like the classic bob but hitting somewhere between cheekbone and jaw. This is a great style for ones with little faces.

The French bob. Its typically shorter than your average bob sitting above the jawline, usually its paired with a thick bang and left in its natural, undone state.

The brixie is a mix of a bob and pixie. For the daring out there. Think Princess Dis iconic cut with a 2022 twist, lots of layers, textured and cropped.

As you can tell bobs are going to be huge this year!!

Hair Trend #4


Photo credit: @hairaviser

Are side bangs making a come back? Yes Gen Z's step aside cuz it is ok to have a side bang! These effortless side swept bangs are great for hiding fine lines and wrinkles. They sit longer than a straight across bang. This is a much softer approach to bangs then straight across and the good part is as they grow in they just sweep more to the side, so no need for weekly bang trims.

Another bang trend for this year is something we are familiar with from 2021. The curtain bang. We saw this all over the place is 2021, but this years version is slightly different. The long eye sweeping curtain bang is wispy and add softness and movement to long hair.

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