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"Your Local Niagara Region Blonding Balayage Colour Specialist"


Are you just as excited as I am to start your colouring journey with me? It all starts when you fill out your "Digital Consultation" hair profile form below.


I would love to know a little bit more about you and how we can create a plan to make your hair even more beautiful!


This will help make sure that we have booked the right service for you and we that we have enough time together!

Upon arrival I will greet you at the door and we will walk through a 15 minute consultation process. During this consultation we will design a plan for your first visit and a long term plan for your future hair goals.

I will create a custom colour formula suited just for you as well as a cut that complements you and your lifestyle. I will wrap up the appointment by sharing my home-care product recommendations and set you up for your next appointment. You can expect a follow up email within the week after your appointment to ensure your appointment went as expected!

Let's get started!!!



Yeah! I am so excited to get to know you & your hair. Let's start this journey together!

New Guest
"Digital Consultation"


Please complete this form and tell me more about your hair goals. I will respond to you during my work week Mon-Thursday within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please email me:

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