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How to strengthen your hair & your body

Are you a multitasker?

I am always one for making the most of my time, whether its walking the dog while chatting with a friend or listening to a podcast while prepping dinner, multitasking is my jam.

Have you ever thought about multitasking when it comes to your hair treatments? Think about some of the opportunities you have that you can double dip on your hair masks and treatments. What if you used your workout time to double as a treatment time? You most likely have to wash your hair after a cardio workout anyways, so why not throw on OLAPLEX No.0 and N0.3 while you get your sweat on with your Peloton.

Before your work out, dampen your hair and apply OLAPLEX No.0, comb it through, leaving it on for 10 mins. At this time you can throw on your cute yoga pants and fill up your water bottle. Then after the 10 mins, apply the No.3 right over top of the No.0 combing through to make sure the hair is fully saturated. Now pull your hair back into a loose bun or braid, securing it so it won't bother you during your sweat session.

After your workout is complete, use this time in the shower to go the extra mile for your hair by using the OLAPLEX No.4 shampoo and No.5 conditioner. Now you're really taking this strength to a whole new level.

Once your hair is washed and ready to go, apply a small amount of No.6 and No.7 to your mid length to ends. This will ensure your hair is being protected against the elements, while you go about your day. Style as you want and you are ready to showcase that new found strength.

Now you can have a fit bod and great hair. Doesn't get much better then that.

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