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Tips to help your hair colour last

You love your new hair colour, so why not keep it for longer!

You just came from the salon after spending a lot of time and money and your colour is on point!

So you want it to last right?


Heres a few quick tips to keep that colour looking fresh:

  1. Don't wash it too soon after getting your colour done! The colour molecule takes time to set into the cuticle, so it's always advised to wait about 72 hrs/3 days before washing your hair. Why wouldn't you want to enjoy the nice blowout for longer anyways.

  2. Use the right stuff! Proper products are always key! Make sure your using professional, colour-safe products to ensure the colour isn't being stripped and your hair stays looking shiny and not faded.

  3. Always get your hair coloured professionally. Professional hair colour is formulated to be an exact fit for you and your hairs needs, this will help keep the colour longer.

  4. Turn the heat down. Both in the shower and your styling tools, its important to keep that temperature cool to stop your colour from fading. The heat from tools and water will open the cuticle releasing the colour bonds resulting in dull hair. Be sure to always use a heat protector before styling also.

  5. Use a professional hair mask 1x a week. This will help to keep the hair from drying out and looking drab.

Enjoy that beautiful colour because we all know faded colour isn't cute.

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