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This girl is ready for you!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Getting everything ready for the soon to be reopening of my studio salon!!

It’s going to look a little different when you come to the studio. But, that's okay! Your health and safety is what matters most.....but gosh darn it! I am so excited to see you again....I missed you. Sanitation and cleanliness has always been of top priority for me at, maybe not to the extent of wearing a mask though😷 lol One of the benefits to being solo is that I can make sure you (my clients) are always getting the best care you deserve. I always try to leave a little time between appointments so I am not rushed and my clients don’t feel rushed, that way I can properly clean, disinfect, and prepare for my next guest.

I have put together a list of some COVID-19 Safety Procedures, so please check those out, before making a booking request / appointment with me and don't forget to follow them when you get here!

Some of my prices may have changed since I have seen you last, so please make note. And remember the 24-hour minimum notice for any changes - I don't want to have to charge you a cancellation or "no show" please just keep me posted if something comes up!

Thank you all for you patience!

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