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Scalp Therapy 101

We spend so much time and money on our face but unfortunately our hair and scalp is just a quick shampoo, condition, rip a comb through it, blast some heat on it and good to go. But what is there to worry about for our scalp? Our scalp has more sebaceous glands (which lubricate the hair and skin) and sweat glands then our face and those glands can get clogged up. Clogged from what? The most common thing is our own natural oils, chemical residue and dirt build up, just like what happens to our face. Our natural oils are important but when we use the wrong products our body starts to over produce oils causing a greasy scalp and even dandruff.

Here are 3 reasons to give your scalp a little extra love:

  1. Blood Flow- By giving our scalp a massage it helps to stimulate the scalp making it easier for the blood to reach the follicle and deliver the nutrients!

  2. Helps With Dandruff- Dandruff can be the result of either to much oil production or not enough. If its to much it irritates the scalp and causes flakes but to little oil and it will be dry also resulting in irritation and flakes.

  3. Prevents Hair Loss- Clogged pores result in lack of hair growth. When you unclog and reset the sebum production hair has the chance to grow back much healthier.

So, how do we fix it?

  1. Using the right products. Look for professional shampoos and conditioners that aren't filled with harmful chemicals and waxes that won't coat the hair and cause buildup and irritation on the scalp. I suggest the VERB line or OLAPLEX which both are free of harmful chemicals.

  2. Properly shampoo and condition. When shampooing make sure you are getting right into the scalp not just the surface of the hair. This is especially important if you have thick hair. It can be easy to not get close enough to the scalp to really remove the buildup. That's why 2 shampoos is also important, especially for ones who use a lot of dry shampoo or other styling products, this will help to get the nitty gritty out.

  3. Use the right tools. Earlier I mentioned the importance of blood flow and that massage is key to doing this. A tool like the scalp massager is a great way to not only help to stimulate the scalp but can also help when shampooing. Move the scalp massager in small circular motions all over the scalp at desired pressure before you get in the shower, once in the shower you can use this tool to help get the shampoo to the scalp to properly clean it.

  4. Clarify 1x a week. This one is super important especially for ones who deal with dandruff and oily scalps. Doing a regiment like the VERB Reset is an amazing way to get that body on point to produce the proper amount of oil and also clear out any excess dirt and chemical buildup. First use the RESET clarifying shampoo which is designed for all hair types, followed by the RESET repairing mask, then finish it off with the RESET sealing mist which locks in all the proteins from the mask.

Healthy scalp means healthy happy hair.

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