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HOW TO SHOP - Products

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Here are some of my favourite products. Yes, you can pick them up from me at your next visit or order them online from MY SHOP - CLICK HERE (prices subject to change without notice).

Are professional products worth the 💰?

Here are some top reasons why your stylist will always suggest using professional products:

1. They have better quality ingredients. So you might look at the ingredients in drug store shampoos vs professional and say they have the same ingredients. Well that can be true but the biggest difference is the quality of those ingredients, professional products will always have higher quality ingredients, bottom line!!

2. Cheap products are generally watered down. You might pay less at the supermarket for that shampoo but your just paying for cheap filler essentially. Professional products are highly concentrated so you can use less and it goes further.

3. Professional brands guarantee results.

4. You will save $ in the long run! You invested in getting your colour done beautifully, so you want to preserve that as much as possible. Am I right? The alcohol and low-quality ingredients in cheap shampoos can strip your colour, leaving you will dull, dry hair.

Looking for advice on which products might be right for you? I would ❤️ to help!



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